Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Savings

Small Business Gas Card offers discounts, universal acceptance & easy usability for companies small and large alike.

Fuel Card Fuel Savings

With the 360 Small Business fuel Card, you have many ways to start saving right from the start. Your fleet will be able to condense your fuel receipts into an online fuel report that you can see at any time with up to date information. This will save you countless hours checking receipts to ensure that all purchases were placed properly.

In addition to the administrative savings, you will receive 1% off your fuel at 17,000 retail stations nationwide! Based on $3.50 a gallon that’s $0.035 per gallon that you would save! With this kind of savings, you can see how you can rack up the discounts and save your company some real money.

  • No set up fee
  • No card fee on our standard account
  • A 1% rebate on all purchases at more than 17,500 locations
  • Discount Locator – to help you easily find sites near you
  • Have an iPhone? Get our Discount Locator App!