Over The Road Fuel Card

Cash Advance Services
Send money to your drivers on the road with ease.

Cash Advance Options

With the 360 Over The Road Fuel Card, you will never leave your driver stranded on the side of the road. We give you a few different cash advance options that can be used with the card to provide that driver with money either on a regular resettable basis, or only when you allow.

Plus Chek® Services

PlusCheks work like cash, and can be used anywhere checks are accepted. They are perfect when funds are needed, but cards aren’t accepted. PlusCheks aren’t “live” until you activate them, and can only be used for the exact amount you authorize.

ATM / Debit Services

Your drivers can use their The 360 fleet cards to access cash at any PLUS® Network ATM or Interlink® debit site.

Cash Advance Services

Your drivers can use the 360 card to withdraw cash at truck stops. When an ATM isn’t available or a check isn’t feasible, funds can be dispatched to a card and authorized for withdrawal at any participating truck stop. Fuel purchase isn’t required, so your drivers can simply stop, get the cash they need, and keep on going!