Over The Road Fuel Card

Fleet Card Features & Services
Does your OTR fuel card have the security and controls you need to run your fleet?

Over The Road Fuel Card Features & Services

Our program features a security driven over the road fuel card that gives drivers a convenient way to pay for company-related fleet expenses. It’s versatile, flexible, and accepted at over 6,000 truck stops across the country. Your drivers can use their fuel card to buy fuel, maintenance, food, drinks, additives or any other pre-approved purchase. Set up your cards as balance-based or limit-based to maximize your payment power and flexibility.


  • Provide your drivers with pin numbers so that your card can not be used unauthorized
  • If a card is stolen, turn it off instantly via your online account
  • No need for your drivers to carry any cash at any time


  • Limit what your drivers buy, where they buy it, and how much they can spend during a time period
  • Reset or adjust the limits you set on the fly using your online account
  • Take off drivers and assign the card to your new driver, no matter where they are
  • Provide cash for your drivers from the convenience of your own computer in case of emergency
  • Track drivers every move and purchase through the 360 Over The Road fuel card

Convenience & Flexibility

  • One card for all your fuel, maintenance and cash advance to keep track of all expenses on the road

Limit Based Controls

  • Set limits for your drivers
  • Reset automatically either daily or weekly

Balance Based Controls

  • Add funds as needed
  • Great for owner/operators, or companies employing owner operators that need to pay for fuel
  • Great way to get away from the high fees of paper-based payment methods