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The Best Method to Combat Fuel Theft

According the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the typical business organization loses about 5% of it’s revenue each year to theft, fraud,

IRR Tires saving you money
Can LRR tires save money?

Sometimes we think that any effort to save money in fuel cost must be a positive in our bottom line. Low Rolling Resistance (LRR ) tires fall into thi

The 2 ways to lower fuel prices

I have long said to end high oil prices we need one of two things, or both. It seems that the proposition of both is now occurring, and thus we’re s

10 Steps to Winterize Your Fleet

Winter presents more hazards for drivers and more headaches for fleet managers. Simplify your workload by following a few easy steps to winterizing th

How To Work With An Insurance Adjuster Following An Accident

Fleet managers have plenty of issues on a daily basis. Perhaps one that can be confusing is how to handle an insurance claim following an accident. As

If You’re Unfortunate Enough To Have An Accident

Owners of heavy trucks face increased scrutiny in their liability when an accident occurs. These factors are compounded when the accident happens in a

Labor Statistics Point to More $ for Fleet Managers

So when you were a kid, what did you say you wanted to become when you grew up? If you answered Fleet Manager, then congratulations, you selected posi

Are your drivers following too close?

As a business owner, reducing your employee’s chances of being involved in a rear end collision is like money in the bank…and being involved in a

How Level III Data Helps your Fleet Move Forward

Frustrating many business owners is the issue on how to allow employees the ability to conduct a spend transaction in the field. For many years, fleet

Employer’s Exposure from Background Checks for Drivers

If you’re in the business to hire drivers you already know the importance of compliance. Having a solid program to maintain and exceed compliance st

Accident avoidance programs can lower a fleet’s liability cost

Fleet managers may differ on many topics but one subject of agreement is the matter of accidents affecting the financial sustainability of a company.

How Boutique Fuels translate into higher costs

In the 1990’s there were only four different kinds of motor fuels required in the U. S. Today, there are close to 30. In last two decades, various f

Women are Becoming the Largest Demographic Among New Truckers

Of the many professions in America today, trucking stands out as one where gender roles are often defined. Men have been thought to have the inherited

How Lower Fuel Prices equal Higher Profits for Fuel Stations

According to the US Department of Energy diesel prices have dropped again, for the 27th straight week to an average of $2.66 a gallon. Compared to a y

5 Things Successful Fleet Managers Do

Fleet managers are always scrutinized for ways to cut costs. If for no other reason, fuel cost is under the microscope of COO’s and CFO’s as a pri

Multiple Combinations Available to Companies with Different Vehicle Platforms

Multiple Combinations Available to Companies with Different Vehicle Platforms Regardless of your company size, you may have experienced a situation wh

5 Ways to Lower your Fleet’s Operating Cost

5 Ways to Lower your Fleet’s Operating Cost Fleet managers have always sought out ways to cut their operating costs. It’s what they’re paid to d

Old credit card scam is a new trend

One of the most frustrating problems is becoming a victim of a credit card fraud and not even realizing it could be happening. Fortunately, US law lim

Are you choosing the right diesel fuel for your fleet?

Have you become confused over the different types of diesel on the market today? No doubt the fuel formulas have undergone the greatest transformation

Cost plus or retail minus – Which is better for your fleet

How do you save at the pump? This answer seems to address what many fleet managers differ upon. Basically, it comes down to two strategies in pricing;

Why are there so many credit card security breaches?

Anyone with a credit or debit card in the US has likely been affected by security breaches. One of the largest, Target’s security breach in 2014, ex

Winter fuels lead to less MPG for your fleet

Diesel fuel refiners begin altering their formulas each fall to meet the operability needs of diesel engines during cold weather conditions. This chan

Gasoline or Diesel: Which to consider in your fleet

Many times you can look at what the large companies are doing and follow in their footsteps. However, when it comes to choosing between gasoline and d

How is credit card data stolen?

According to a 2009 study, American consumers lose more that 4.9 billion dollars annually to credit card fraud. These loses, while staggering, don’t

Do you know what is in your diesel fuel?

Have you become confused over the different types of diesel on the market today? No doubt the fuel formulas have undergone the greatest transformation

The future of payment systems

A key feature of a fleet fuel card is the ability to set restrictions on purchases made by the cardholder. Established by the administrator at the tim

Are you making the most out of your fuel tax recovery program?

As small business owners it only makes sense to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce your tax footprint. There are many exceptions and one of

What causes gasoline and diesel prices to rise at the pump?

In President Obama’s 4th quarter SOTU address he mentioned America was “number one in oil and gas” and that “thanks to lower gas p

How Your Business Can Save Money on Fuel Despite Rising Gasoline Prices

What in the world just happened? It seems like just last week I was filling up my tank at .10, to .20, and sometimes even .30 cents less than than the

How to Deal with Rising Fuel Prices in 2012

Rising fuel prices are putting the pinch on businesses everywhere. Many businesses and fuel procurement offices assumed that if they could weather a f

5 ways a fleet card saves your business money!

Hello Everyone! We have taken a little time off from blogging on our site so that we could go through a full revamp of our website and try to gain som

Don’t think you have a ‘fleet’? You may be surprised!

What is a fleet? The word fleet can be a tricky one as many companies that have a few cars and trucks are unsure if they really have a “fleet

Making the most out of real social networking

Working long hours and at full potential is simply part of the plan when you’re trying to build your business. Even though I am good at working

How social media became my New Year’s Resolution

Have you set your goals? I have good intentions of following through on my personal New Year’s Resolution but there always seems to be a reason

Is the holiday driving season really over?

The holidays are over for 2010 and so is the driving season. Or is it? We don’t typically think of New Years Eve being a big travel day, but I n

How will this new safety act affect your fleet?

In searching for a new vehicle myself, I wanted to find out if any new standards where going to be set in place by the Safety Administration.  I rece

Operating a fleet won’t be getting any cheaper

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the point of view you want to take on an issue. Today’s issue is that of fleet management and the co

Misconceptions about fleet fuel cards: They are difficult to reassign

When you are the one in control of a whole fleet of vehicles, sometimes you might run into driver ‘issues’.  I have heard horror stories

Misconceptions about fuel cards – Payment terms are not always the same

After writing the first in the series of ‘Misconceptions of the fuel card‘ my head started to spin as the list of things to write about gr

Misconceptions about fuel cards: Fuel Cards and Credit Cards are the same

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs that will hopefully help get rid of the misconceptions about fuel cards and clear things up and help your co

Hybrid Vehicles: Are the vehicle manufactures missing the boat?

It was only a matter of a few years ago that I was modifying my two door sports car to make the most power out of it and enjoying the adrenaline rush

Fuel Economy means more now than ever!

Earlier today I was flipping through a magazine and it seemed that every article had to do with fuel economy.  It sure is a much bigger thing now the

So you just might need a fuel card?

There you are, sitting at your desk saying, “How am I going to track my fuel purchases? Should I have my drivers pay cash and bring the receipts

What is Earth Day?

To many it’s the one day that they look to go ‘green’ so that they can claim they did their good deed for the year. This isn’t a b

Stop fuel theft before it happens with 360Fuelcard

This is a few years old, however I just came across it.  Personally, I think it was a great punishment for the crime. When running a fleet, the last

Winter Diesel Fuel, that is the question. What are the answers?

I recently sampled nine refineries to test their fuel’s performance this winter. The base fuel performance for CFPP and cloud point were all ove

Racing to the green flag

When it comes to passions, cars are top on my list. Racing is the pure extension of that passion, and for a car enthusiast, is one of the best experie

360Fuelcard is here to help!

The last couple days I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was going to write for the next blog. I was recently in Phoenix and Chicago to meet w

Going Green Made Easy

We all know that “going green” is probably for the best, but what do we do about it? We try to do our part by recycling the paper we don&#

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The Future of Fuel? Giant Miscanthus, also known as elephant grass because of its 13 foot height, may be an important source of energy in the future.

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