Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

Fleet Card Frequently Asked Questions

360Fuelcard is here to answer all of your questions regarding our fuel programs.

Universal Fleet Card Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our list of frequently asked questions, and if you do not find your answer here please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to providing additional detail or hearing other questions or comments you may have regarding our programs.

Are there any fees?

There are none for our standard program – no set up, card fee or any other fee. We will send you an invoice twice a month, just keep your account current and enjoy the savings! If you need extra time and want to be invoiced monthly we charge $1 per card per month.

Are there fuel discounts?

By simply using this program you will receive 1% off from your fuel bill at thousands of locations. Unlike many consumer type programs this discount does not have a limit – you save on all fuel purchased at the discount stations. Please visit our Discount Locator for a list, or to download the new discount locator iPhone app.

Can we use truck stops?

While the card will work fine on the retail side of a truck stop (where most consumers buy their fuel) it will not work at the fuel desk for large diesel purchases. If your company has large diesel vehicles than please look at the 360 Over The Road Fuel Card or the 360 Mixed Fleet product.

Where is the small business fuel card accepted?

This card is for fleets that want to limit what can be purchased to vehicle fuel and service only. The card can also be further controlled by number of transactions allowed and when it can be used.

If your company would like some of the employees to have more than vehicle type purchases please look at the 360 Flex Card. With that program you can manage other services and allow T&E or business supply purchases on certain cards.