Have you set your goals? I have good intentions of following through on my personal New Year’s Resolution but there always seems to be a reason why I don’t meet and exceed my goal. With business I always follow through and have made my goals count.  I was in a recent meeting and like many meetings this time of year, the reflections of the past year are brought up and what can we do better for next year. Of course, the social networking director was reminding us how we all need to take part in social networking.  I knew reluctantly my business resolution had to incorporate social networking in our advertising and marketing campaigns.

How many times have you mailed a letter, placed a call, sent a email and received no reply? Yet, send a text and you get an instant response.  I was recently watching the news and Facebook is the number one visited site on the web – even more than Google.  I think I was in shock it has reached this size, Facebook is now worth more than e-bay and Time Warner!

I than realized with every aching bone in my body there are no more excuses, I have to embrace social networking. I really enjoy socializing and interacting with people in person, but to put that same connection through the web seems simply impersonal. I knew at that moment though, I had to change my antisocial thinking and explore viral marketing.   Understanding our demographics and who fits our products best, especially with our new product coming out Q1 viral marketing may be the best way to announce our newest discounted fuel-card.  So how am I going to keep my goals on track?

I set real timelines of attending networking webinars, seminars and events as I am sure if I take the first step than the second and third will come easier.  I believe taking a class, writing a blog, or attending a women’s social hour will also help me keep socially connected this year and eventually by year-end I will have reached my real goal of advertising success.

So have you made social networking work for your business? If so, please let us know and maybe we can share some ideals this year together.