When you are the one in control of a whole fleet of vehicles, sometimes you might run into driver ‘issues’.  I have heard horror stories of a company in Arizona that had a driver in New York who decide that he was going to quit right then and there. When I say ‘right then and there’ I mean literally, as in he stopped his truck in the middle of an intersection, took the keys out and walked away. Although you may not have these kinds of issues with your drivers, you may have some leave the company, and leave you with a fuel card to change over.  One great thing about business fuel cards, is that they are assigned to a position or a unit.  This means that if someone leaves that position, you can hand the card to the new person taking that position over, and they can use the card. Now you may be asking yourself, how do I change the name on the reports? That’s just as simple as handing the new guy the card! You log into your online account and you can easily go in and change the driver name along with their pin number.  Did you have a driver just walk out and take the card with them? No worries! Just log onto your account as usual, and disable that card so that they aren’t fueling every big-rig in the nation, then let us know and we can order you a new card and have it shipped out immediately.

Feel free to share with us the benefits you’ve had with a fuel card for your company!