Drive safe for the holidaysThe holidays are over for 2010 and so is the driving season. Or is it? We don’t typically think of New Years Eve being a big travel day, but I noticed on my way to work that a lot of people have it off! My initial thought was ‘lucky people!’.  It soon changed, however, to the thought of all the extra traffic that builds up on the highway, causing traffic jams, slowing everyone down including those who are on the road for a living. The holiday season is over for the most part, which means there are quite a few of us at our wits end. The joy of getting together with family is done, kids are crying about having school start again on Monday and there is the 300 mile journey home.

My real concern about all this is the loss of patience, including my own, when on the road. New Years is known for being a very dangerous day to drive, typically after the bars get out.  I don’t think we pay enough attention to the day before and after as there are countless families on the road.  Although it is sometimes hard to keep our wits end about us, we need to focus on the road and make sure that not only we, but the cars around us, get home safe and sound. We need to remember that a few minutes on the road behind that truck going 10 under isn’t the end of the world.

For me, I just look in the mirror and see my daughter smiling back at me, and suddenly my tensions of driving quickly go away.  Anyways, I’m off for a little trip of my own.

I hope you all had a great holiday season, and drive safe!