Working long hours and at full potential is simply part of the plan when you’re trying to build your business. Even though I am good at working independently by nature it sometimes leaves you operating in isolation. If you have read my New Year’s resolution blog, than you know I am an antisocial networker. I am exploring the local chapters of the Women in Business Social Networking Groups and found a few events to attend this month:

  • Health, Wealth and Wise
  • Take your Financial Blindfold Off
  • Networking and a Portland Pirates Hockey game

OK that’s three events I can choose from this month, guess which one I like?  No doubt, I am going for the Hockey game.  There is nothing like a good game with supporting spirits of the local players for a team building activity. Even though this is going to be fun, it’s also going to be a little challenging.  Networking in a stadium may be a little chaotic and I wonder if anyone will have a chance to connect.  How am I going to do it?

I am going with my entrepreneurial mindset and I am setting some goals:

  1. Make at least one connection
  2. Purse that relationship
  3. Stayed connected

I have been to many social events where people gather business cards but do you ever wonder what they do with them?  How many times have you received a phone call or email about your product?  I am going to be proactive, take ownership and stay focused on getting a connection.  I understand fuel-cards are not always the most exciting product to talk about with a Women’s Group but I hope one person has a green company which will allow me to get noticed for our green products.
I remember a story a local realtor told me about putting yourself in front of people.  He was new to the area and wanted business from the community so he decided he would attend the Town’s planning board meetings.  Of course, the meeting are televised and he would stand up and say a few words at each meeting.  He wasn’t associated with any of the projects but what he did do is get noticed. Today he has a leading agency and is recognized and people know his name.  If I can make that same connection with the Women’s group than I may be able to build on my relationship to explain why our green fuel-card is the best option for any business.

I do understand there is a time and place for everything and I will assess my environment.  If the stadium is too noisy than I am not going to ask for a megaphone to talk about our brand. Even though that may be hilarious to watch, it would be getting noticed in all the wrong ways.  In any case, this event should be interesting and you will have to check back here at the 360Fuelcard Blog page to see my results.

In the meantime, check out your local social networking events and tell us about it.  Or do you have an interesting experience about a networking event in your area? If so, share it here.