We all know that “going green” is probably for the best, but what do we do about it? We try to do our part by recycling the paper we don’t need, bringing bottles back for redemption, and making sure the trash ends up in the trash can, not on the street. But what if we could do something to help the environment, without even changing the way we do business? What if we could actually save money, while saving the environment? With the 360Fuelcard, we do exactly that. When your business signs up for our card, we donate a percentage of our profits to give back to the environment through Carbonfund.org. We are glad that we can support projects like these Carbonfund.org Projects and are continuously looking for ways that we can do our part to help out. As a customer of 360Fuelcard, every time you fuel a vehicle in your fleet, you are doing your part by helping these same projects.