Go Green!

At 360 we understand there are a number of opinions on what is happening in our environment and the effect we are having on it. One view that everyone can agree on is that we should all do our best to leave our children a planet that is in the best condition possible. It is a fact that when we burn fossil fuel we add harmful gases to the air.

What we do at 360

360Fuelcard programs provide all reporting and management control on-line reducing the need for paper reports and eliminating any paper to be sent via mail. All of our cards are printed on recycled plastics and the vast majority of our sales effort are done via the internet. Our activities within the office and our travel is offset with programs provided by CarbonFund®.

How using our programs can help you make a difference.

While 360 provides ongoing tips via our blog effort as well as additional programs such as our Driver Training we realize the main purpose of our cards is to purchase fuel. To help offset this 360 pledges to donate a percentage of all revenue to efforts that provide us cleaner air including those efforts offered by CarbonFund.