Universally Accepted

As the fleet manager, you want maximum control over where your cards are used and what they are used for. The 360 Mixed Fleet Fuel Card is accepted at nearly every fuel station in the U.S. while letting you set the limits that are important to you. Limits such as pay at the pump only giving you a true fuel only card.

What sets this card apart is that it can also be used at the FUEL DESK at all TRUCK STIOPS AND TRAVEL CENTERS making this the card to use for accounts that have both gasoline and small diesel vehicles combined with large diesel trucks that need the speed and programs available only at truck stop facilities. This card can also be used at many Pacific Pride unattended card lock facilities giving you complete control and true universal coverage.

With the 360 Mixed Fleet Fuel card, you also have the ability to go beyond just fuel purchases! Since you are in control, you can allow select to allow some of the cards to be good for other items you may need to purchase for your business, including meals, business trips, office supplies or other categories you may choose.