Please view our list of frequently asked questions, and if you do not find your answer here please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to providing additional detail or hearing other questions or comments you may have regarding our programs.

Are there discounts?

When your company is utilizing the 360 Mixed Fleet Fuel Card, you will save in a few different ways. The first will help you cut down on administrative costs, saving your company up to 15% through time and payroll. On top of this, you will also have access to 30,000 discounted locations across the country that will save you money right off the pump price.

Are there any fees?

NO card fees or transaction fees at over 175,000 fuel stations around the country. There is a onetime $75 fee to setup the mixed-fleet account and train your company to use the system.

If you use the fuel desk at a truck stop you will have a small transaction fee. Keep in mind that you always pay cash price or better including at a fuel desk saving your company an average of $0.06 a gallon over other mixed fleet cards. If your needs are primarily for truck stops, please see our Over-The-Road Fuel Card for even greater savings and additional features.

Is training provided?

At 360, we don’t stop once the paperwork is signed! You will have someone training you along so that you become comfortable with our online program so you aren’t left alone. Once you have completed training, you will understand how to take control of your fleet expenses and really make the program work for you.