What is a fleet? The word fleet can be a tricky one as many companies that have a few cars and trucks are unsure if they really have a “fleet”. As a fleet card company, we deal mainly with businesses who spend more than $1,000 a month on their fuel bill and at today’s prices that doesn’t take many vehicles. The main purpose of a fleet card is to help your business take control of your fuel expense and track your fuel data easily so it is more about how big of an expense it is then how many vehicles.

While we work with many companies that have dozens or even a few hundred vehicles, sometimes our fleets can consist of a single heavy truck, who chooses our over-the-road program. Others may containĀ  three to four vehicles using retail stations who apply for our small business fuel card. Then there are always the companies who have a little of both, but luckily we have a program for that as well!

As a company, you need to be able to track all fuel purchases and expenses as you need to be sure you are receiving the best deal and all of the fuel you are paying for. Paperwork adds up for fleets of all sizes, especially when you are trying to handle more than just what your job title describes! One benefit of a fuel card is that all accounting can be done right online so that you can add & delete cards on the fly or change how your drivers can use the card at a moment’s notice.

So what do you think now? Is your company ‘to small’ for a fuel card? Contact us and see if we can save you some money while helping get your expenses in line!