Security & Controls

The 360 Mixed Fuel Card not only wants to save you money, but we also feel that you should be protected every step of the way. The high level of security & controls can be customized from fuel card to fuel card which will help savings by cutting out unauthorized spending. Fleet managers can make changes in real time with your on line account.

  • Assign fuel cards to vehicles, drivers or any combination
  • Lock fuel cards to pay at the pump only or restrict fuel purchases inside the store
  • Driver ID & Odometer prompting protects your company from unauthorized use
  • Limit fuel cards to only be used during particular hours or days
  • Restrict purchases to specific stations or brands
  • Limit to fuel only, fuel & maintenance or fuel, maintenance & other
  • Spending limits can be set for each fuel card by day, week or even month
  • Fuel transactions can be restricted by dollar and/or gallon amount per transaction per day, week or month