Mixed Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Tax Recovery

Mixed Fleet Fuel Card offers universal coverage, truck stop acceptance & other business spend for companies of all sizes.

Fuel Tax Recovery

Fuel card fuel tax recovery

The 360 Mixed Fleet Fuel Card will help your company get the best opportunity for fuel tax recovery. With fuel tax representing 30% of your fleet fuel cost, the ability to easily identify and document non-taxable uses of fuel can save your company significantly. On and off road fuel tax reporting varies federally, by state, county and municipality.

Non-taxable uses may include:

  • Non-highway vehicle (i.e. construction & landscaping equipment, farm and unlicensed vehicles)
  • Separate engine mounted on highway vehicles (i.e. refrigeration units, waste trucks, cement mixers)
  • Stationary engines (i.e. compressors, generators, etc)
  • Heating Fuel

360 will help set up your fuel card controls correctly so that you can document and receive these tax credits.

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