360 FlexCard

Take advantage of 30 day billing and 26 days to pay on your fuel bill.
Small Business Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Smarter With The 360 FlexCard

Are you tired of trying to consolidate your fueling expenses? Wondering where cash has gone, adding up and entering receipts into a spreadsheet? Take control of your fleet fueling expenses with the 360 FlexCard! Offering the security & controls you need and combining that with great fuel discounts – the 360 FlexCard is the right choice for your fleet.

Universal Acceptance

With acceptance at over 90% of fueling locations across the US you have access to regular, diesel and even alternative fuels such as E85 and CNG.

Online Account Management

Not only can you pay online, but with 360 FlexCard you can also activate and deactivate fuel cards, set card controls and view invoices 24 months prior.

Flexible Payments

With 360 FlexCard you have the ability to pay your fuel bill in full or carry the balance when cash flow is tight. With a 360 FlexCard you will receive 26-day payment terms.

Easy To Use Reporting

Check in on your fuel and service spending in real time or summarized monthly reports.

Security & Protection

Track any unauthorized purchases by implementing driver identification numbers and deactivate lost or stolen cards with ease.